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Classmates in the Library



Volunteers willing to go through training and become involved in the day-to-day lives of our clients. Contact Vicky at

Community Service

Service Projects: 


If your group is looking for a service project, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you: Contact Vicky at

Moving In

Emergency Babysitters: 


Our clients sometimes need childcare help. They may be taking a night or weekend class, which is very difficult since childcare centers are not open then. Their child may have an ear infection and fever, in which case the childcare center will not allow them to attend. We are building a list of willing, occasional babysitters. Contact Vicky at


Are you looking for a way to give back to your community?   Volunteering can be a great way for you to do just that!   Here are several ways that you can get involved with Families Helping Families.

Truck and Moving Help:


Our families often need help moving in and out. Please let us know if you might like to lend a hand for a few hours!

Contact Vicky at

Kids Running
Holding Hands

Mentor Support:


There are times when one of our families has an emergency need such as transportation when their car is in the shop or similar circumstances. Can you be on call to help if you are available at the time?  Contact Ginger at

Female doctor in color

Professional Services:


Our families often need the services of an attorney, doctor, dentist, orthodontist, hair stylist, auto mechanic, etc. These services are unaffordable luxuries for our clients.  Contact Vicky at

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