Celebrating "R!" When we met "R" two years ago she was couch surfing along with her one-year-old son. Though she worked three jobs during college and was the first in her family to get a college degree she told us in her first interview that she felt she lacked focus and financial literacy.  R’s mentors, Melissa and Kelly helped her meet her goals of getting a good job with benefits, paying off debt, saving money and being able to afford her own apartment!

“M” was working full time and could not afford an apartment for herself and her four children, ages 1, 2, 6 and 10.  They bounced around living in her car at times, and occasionally with her minister and his wife.  When she could afford it, she treated her family to a night in a motel room.   M is smart, works hard, and has an amazing attitude.  She loves her FHF apartment even though it’s a tight squeeze for the five of them.  M will be graduating with her associate’s degree in business in May 2019 and will be pursuing her bachelor’s degree this fall!

“L” has just completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing, successfully passed her boards and is currently working as a registered nurse.  Through FHF support, L was able to stabilize her life, obtain medical/psychiatric/counseling support for her teen daughter. L is now employed as an RN in a residential facility.  L’s oldest daughter continues to be challenged with severe mental health issues but L has had extraordinary support from her mentors and medical professionals who have helped her advocate for her daughter.  Her dream is to save enough money to buy a home for her family.





Through FHF support, "D" was able to leave an abusive marriage with her 3 teenage boys, stabilize her life as a single parent and pursue a new career path that provides her with greater earning potential to support her family. FHF has also supported her oldest son with a modest scholarship to supplement the numerous grants and financial aid he obtained in order to attend Bradley University.  D and her family have blossomed with strong support from her FHF mentors and access to a network of professional services.

“G” came to the United States in an arranged marriage.  She soon discovered that her husband was abusive, mentally ill and could not work.  They lived with his parents who controlled every aspect of her life.  She and her daughter escaped to a battered woman’s shelter and then found her way to FHF.  G didn’t smile or talk much when we first met her last year.  She’s a different woman now!  G graduated from the Health Information Technology program at COD and is working full-time in her field.  She’s quick to laugh and feeling happy about her future. Her ten-year-old daughter is impressively smart and enjoying the challenging PI program at her school.  (Project IDEA is for gifted and talented students in grades four through eight)