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"M's" Graduation Celebration!

"L" and her 5-year-old daughter were living in a homeless shelter after escaping an abusive relationship. Her ex ran up her credit cards, stole her car and furniture and left her emotionally and physically fragile. "L" is smart, organized and very motivated.

We are amazed at the way she plows through her impressive To Do list every week. "L" will complete her bachelor's degree in computer science from Lewis University later this year.  "L" will be the first college graduate in her family.  She told us: “I am so thankful for this program.  We truly do have many angels on earth looking over us.”

Having experienced abuse and neglect throughout her childhood, "H" is determined that her three children will grow up with hope and opportunity.  Her dream of going to college is happening!  She has 2 more semesters at Aurora University, and she’ll be working in a field about which she is passionate, therapeutic recreation for seniors.





"I would never be able to do this on my own. You are my team, my family, my support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  "S" is halfway through her nursing program and working part-time and battling with health issues, but nothing stops her!  "S" is one determined woman.  She says her motivation comes from wanting opportunities for her darling 3-year-old son.

After traumatically losing her job and ability to pay her rent," A" and her two children were facing homelessness. She joined FHF and began the process of healing from domestic and workplace abuse. Counseling and being in a safe environment helped a great deal. The kids thrived with the help of tutoring and counseling. "A" worked hard, lived lean and saved enough money so that she could buy a small home of her own.  Her dream came true.


​​T’s husband left after 20 years of marriage and four children.  Though she was working full time she was not able to keep her housing.  There were many tears at the beginning of her journey as she struggled to find the self-confidence to be a successful single mom.  It was never a role she had anticipated.  T repaid/negotiated $55,000 in debt, raised her credit score 150 points, saved money and bought a condo for her family.  She told us her mentors were the first people to ever believe she was worthy of love.

Congratulations to "M" who just graduated from Families Helping Families and accepted a job in logistics paying $50,000 a year! "M" and her four children were living in their car when we first met them. Because "M" completed her four-year college degree, drastically improved her credit score and saved a lot of money, this family's future will look nothing like their past. She plans to buy her own home soon.


2nd Generation 
2nd Generation 

Congratulations to “D”, who is completed her master’s in accountancy at the University of Texas. “D” is now working as an Audit Associate for Deloitte in Dallas and plans to buy her mom a home. She wrote “I am beyond thankful for the Bruce Terlep Education Fund which allowed me the luxury of an education.”


Second gen, "A", just sent us a lovely message. "I would like to say thank you again, a million times over, as I can never express enough gratitude for all FHF has done for me. It truly means the world and I would not be here if it wasn't for you!" "A" is now a nurse in a prominent Chicago hospital! She received a grant every semester from the FHF Bruce Terlep Education Fund, without which she could not have pieced together enough grants to complete her bachelor’s degree.



2nd Generation 

With the help of The FHF Bruce Terlep Education Fund ,which provided generous scholarships, R graduated from Bradley University.  He took a job in San Diego as a bank examiner.  "R's" recent thank you call to FHF was simple - “thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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