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30 years of transforming lives!

FHF supporters, sponsors, volunteers, and honored guest speakers came together on February 3rd for a magical, fun, and historic evening celebrating 30 years of changing lives! Former client “I” shared her powerful story of transformation—from an abusive relationship to a successful businesswoman.

We are so grateful to all our generous donors and SPONSORS of this event. This year was a fabulous success and so many people joined in our efforts. We hope to see you at next year's celebration!

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What is
Families Helping Families?

FHF’s mission is to move families in DuPage County experiencing homelessness to self-sufficiency. FHF assists our struggling neighbors by providing housing and other resources, and most importantly, by matching families with wonderful volunteer mentors, life-coaches who help guide families every step of the way on their journey.

We are so grateful to our donors and generous community for supporting this life-changing program. Your donation of $35 pays for one day’s rent and utilities for a family in the FHF program. Please click the Donate Now button on this page to make a donation. Would you like to learn other ways to get involved? Please go to the Get Involved tab for more information.


Thank you!


FHF Is Serving Even More Families in 2024!

To learn more about FHF, please watch our  video that features our clients sharing their journeys in their own words. 

Watch Here

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Did you know?

There is a common misconception that family homelessness is self-induced, or that somehow the family is to blame. When we get to know families facing homelessness, we discover that many times people are working as hard as they can and still cannot afford a place to live.


While the circumstances surrounding each family’s housing crisis differ, there is one universal truth: These are parents who care deeply about their children and who truly want to provide a better life for their family.


To achieve their goals, these families need people to believe in them, to give them opportunities, guidance and support, all provided with patience and empathy. This is where Families Helping Families excels.

$35 pays for one day’s rent and utilities for a family in our program


Please make a donation today to

help create a better future for struggling families.

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